Top 3 ways to enjoy summer before it ends

Though the days in Southwest Florida continue to be filled with heat and rain, summer is starting to wind down as classes begin again in the next few weeks. To soak up some last minute outdoor summer fun with your kids, be sure to visit the Nature Center at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida to encounter some local animals, explore the Florida wetlands, and take a kayak to discover the local ecosystems that reside in our own backyard.

Here are the top 3 ways to enjoy summer at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, before hitting the books.

Live Animal Programs

Here at the Conservancy, we offer several live animal programs where you can encounter reptiles, sea animals and other local wildlife. Through special presentations, our Dalton Discovery Center exhibits, and our wildlife hospital animal ambassadors, there is an animal for everyone.

Dalton Discovery Center

In the DDC, discover the Florida wetlands like never before, and enjoy nature in the cool air conditioning. Discover the different ecosystems that live in the everglades, mangroves, beaches and oceans, which are also home to several of our animal ambassadors. Before heading back to school, come visit our 7 different aquatic exhibits to see what our schools of fish are up this summer.

Kayak Rentals & Guided Tours

To truly take in nature before retreating back into the classroom, be sure to book a kayak rental or guided kayak tour. Here, you can paddle through a maze of mangrove trees and learn the importance of mangrove estuaries as nature’s nurseries, as well as how you can protect local waterways. Our guided kayak tours get you up close and personal with the ecosystems and wildlife native to Southwest Florida.

Be sure to stop by the Nature Center to get in all your summer adventures with your family, before your kids have to hit the books. Visit to learn more.

Protecting Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of and forever.

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