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William C. Huff

Local business commits to being green

Jim Henderson cares about the environment. He cares so much that as the Owner and President of William C. Huff Companies, he’s committed to transforming his community starting where he has the most control and can make the greatest impact — with his business.

A full-service concierge logistics company for high and ultra-high net worth homeowners, builders, designers, architects and estate managers, William C. Huff employees are expert handlers of artwork, antiques and family heirlooms.

Their dedicated care of clients’ belongings is matched by the company’s efforts to care for the environment. One way the company is doing that is to partner with nonprofit organizations to help raise awareness about, and funds supporting, local natural resources.

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Turtles on the Town artist Matthew Jessen’s sculpture, “Barbara.”

This season, William C. Huff is doing that by collaborating with Turtles on the Town (TOTT) — a community arts project featuring 50 loggerhead sea turtle sculptures based on a bronze created by the late Naples artist Kathy Spalding.

The initiative benefits The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, United Arts Council of Collier County and the Community Foundation of Collier County, as well as residents and guests of Southwest Florida who ‘turtle trek’ across the area to see the public displays of art on exhibit mid-November through February.

David Ashenbrener, of Architectural Masters, painstakingly crafted the four-foot loggerhead sea turtle sculptures from handmade molds based on the Spalding piece. Then, the 50 forms were transported to the homes and studios of some 48 local artists and artisans for embellishment.

What sounds like a simple move or two is actually a marvel of logistical engineering as the turtles are painted, shrink-wrapped and/or embellished with shells, gems, sculpted pieces and the like, making the care required more daunting.

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In addition to serving as ‘turtle transport,’ Henderson’s team also housed the 50 sculptures while awaiting the November 4, 2015, Patron/Artist Reception and is responsible for two additional sojourns — transporting the turtles to their seasonal nesting places at public locations in Immokalee, Naples, Marco Island and points in between, as well as to the March 9, 2016, Auction Gala at The Conservancy.

Beyond being the area’s moving experts, it was Henderson’s dedication to reducing his company’s environmental footprint that led him to the TOTT initiative.

A supporter of The Conservancy, Henderson has been actively revamping his business for almost a decade and learned about TOTT through his involvement with the nonprofit.

“It’s exciting to be a part of a project that helps bring attention to the beauty around us in Southwest Florida — whether that be the natural setting that drew us here, the arts that keep us here or the community agencies that support us while we reside here,” explains Henderson.

Beyond recycling 90% of the cardboard from the business, as well as recycling wooden pallets, he’s working on foam recycling and strongly encourages the reuse of all materials — allowing individuals from community organizations to come to his warehouses to pick-up cardboard shipping materials for their own moves.

Seven years ago, Henderson made a bold decision and replaced all the company trucks with the most efficient low emission vehicles available.

Today, they are on the second generation of diesel semis and Henderson sealed the company’s greening efforts by converting his Naples warehouse to solar power. The company threw the switch, launching their new solar system, on Thursday, November 12, 2015.

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William C. Huff solar panels | Image: Naples Daily News / Corey Perrine

He sums his vision best stating, “It’s not enough to say we enjoy the environment and we should keep it pristine, we have to work at it.” He continues, “As a business owner, a resident of Naples and someone who loves the environment, I have a responsibility not only to the 40 families that work for me, but to the community. Our legacy should be one of leading by example and that’s what I’m doing through William C. Huff Companies and Turtles on the Town.”

The Facts According to Jim:

About the Business:

· 90% of cardboard recycled

· Low emission semi-tractor trailers in use since 2008

· Naples warehouse goes 100% solar power effective 11/12/15 reducing the companies CO2 emissions by 7 million pounds over the next 25 years

About the Environment:

· 45% of all carbon dioxide emissions (air pollution) are from electricity

· 80% of electricity is produced by fossil fuel

· Tesla is working on batteries that will store solar power to redistribute

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