Conservancy of Southwest Florida wins 12 ADDY awards

At 2018 American Advertising Awards ceremony for AdFed Suncoast

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been honored with 12 awards from the American Advertising Federation for excellence in advertising and marketing initiatives.

The Conservancy earned four gold awards and eight silver awards at the 2018 American Advertising Awards ceremony for AdFed’s Suncoast region, which stretches from Sarasota south to Marco Island. The 12 awards are the most the Conservancy has ever won in a single year.

AdFed Suncoast awarded gold to the Conservancy for:

Birds Eye View editorial spread:

To help promote the Magic Under the Mangroves fundraising event, the Conservancy created an eye-catching design titled “Birds Eye View” that appealed to potential donors and attendees.

Burmese python promotional video:

A one-minute educational video showcases the work of the Conservancy’s team of biologists in the field as they track and research the invasive Burmese python and its harmful impact of Florida’s wildlife and habitat.

Critter Courier packaging:

Critter Couriers are trained volunteers who rescue injured and orphaned animals, and the Conservancy produced a colorful transport box with educational messaging for its volunteers to use.

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Estuaries Report Card public service campaign:

The Conservancy produced a special guide to help residents and visitors understand the health of Southwest Florida’s rivers, estuaries and bays, issuing letter grades to 10 regions on wildlife habitat and water quality.

Click here to see the Report Card summary.

Under the direction of Catherine Bergerson, director of communications and marketing, the Conservancy’s in-house communications team includes Kate Kintz, graphic design and production manager, and Greg Willette, digital media and marketing coordinator. Kintz has worked at the Conservancy since 2008. Her design work on behalf of the Conservancy has earned more than 46 ADDY awards. Willette began working at the Conservancy in 2013 and his talent has helped the Conservancy enter the competitive field of digital advertising.

“We have an amazing team of communications professionals at the Conservancy, so it’s no surprise to see them being honored again for their outstanding work,” said Rob Moher, president and CEO of the Conservancy. “The key to protecting our natural resources and habitat is to communicate our mission with as many people in as many formats as possible, and winning 12 ADDY awards is a testament to our team’s ability to deliver a consistent message in print media, digital media and social media.”

The ADDY Awards are the industry’s largest and most representative competition, recognizing the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising. Each year, more than 60,000 entries are submitted to local AFF Club competitions, which are the first phase of a three-tier national competition. Gold winners automatically are advanced to the district competition in April.

AdFed Suncoast awarded eight silvers to the Conservancy for:

  • Card, invitation or announcement: Magic Under the Mangroves invitation
  • Card, invitation or announcement campaign: Magic Under the Mangroves gala portfolio
  • Public service brochure: Estuaries Report Card brochure
  • Public service direct marketing and specialty advertising: Estuaries Report Card broad sheet
  • Public service direct marketing and specialty advertising: Estuaries Report Card campaign
  • Out-of-home campaign: “Through their Eyes” campaign
  • Public service online or interactive campaign: “14 Ways to Prevent Injuries to Wildlife” public service announcements
  • Infographic: Drop in the Barrel graphic

The Conservancy’s qualifying entries will be judged at the regional competition in Orlando in April.

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Left to Right: Catherine Bergerson, Kate Kintz, Greg Willette

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