Biodiversity Conference March 7–9

Please register today and join the Conservancy along with other partner organizations at this major conference about conserving biodiversity in Florida. The conference will be held March 7–9 at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.

Click here to register

This is a critical time for open discussion about the conservation challenges we face as scientists, resource managers, educators, decision-makers, and global citizens. The conference’s aim is to provide an opportunity for forging shared responses, centered on three themes that are acute in Florida and relevant everywhere: climate change, habitat fragmentation, and biological invasions.

Please visit the conference website for details about the dynamite line-up of invitees, anchored by contributions from Reed Noss, Thomas Lovejoy, Thomas Hoctor, Stuart Pimm and Daniel Simberloff among many other renowned speakers. There you will find information about registration and hotels. (Note that attendance space is limited and spring break is peak travel season).

Details will be posted soon about a poster session in which you could participate, and student scholarships for registration costs.

Please consider registering by January 20 to guarantee your place. Please feel free to share this information with interested colleagues.




Protecting Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of and forever.

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Conservancy of SWFL

Conservancy of SWFL

Protecting Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of and forever.

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