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3-year-old donates birthday to Conservancy

Gwynnie Carr, 3, and her mom Lauren Carr arrived at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center Tuesday morning with a cart full of items from the von Arx Wildlife Hospital’s Wish List. Gwynnie, who is no stranger to the Conservancy Nature Center, told us she wanted to help the injured and orphaned animals we treat every single day.

Lauren explained she put the word out to friends and family that in lieu of gifts, Gwynnie would be accepting items for the von Arx Wildlife Hospital. When the party had ended, guests had brought hundreds of dollars worth of items needed inside the wildlife hospital.

When we asked Lauren why she chose to do that, she responded, “It was important to show her daughter that there is more to birthday parties than just getting presents and that doing something for your community can sometimes feel better than getting presents — if not, even better.”

We want to give Gwynnie and the Carr family a huge thank you! It is our hope that people of all ages will follow Gwynnie’s lead and donate their birthday to the Conservancy as well.

We’re asking you to follow Gwynnie’s lead. And now, Facebook has made donating your birthday to the Conservancy easier than ever before.

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Click the button above to start your own Fundraiser through Facebook — whether it’s for your birthday or just because you believe in our work. When you get the next page, you’ll see a “Raise Money” button. Once you click that, you can input how much money you’d like to raise and tell your friends and family WHY you’re raising money for the Conservancy.

Multiple people have already donated their birthdays to the Conservancy and we’ve raised thousands of dollars through Facebook alone in just a few months.

If you believe in the Conservancy’s mission — protecting Southwest Florida’s water, land, wildlife, and future —click the button above to start a fundraiser and help us continue our important work.

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